Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rotan Teacher's Union - November 17, 2008

"Go west, my friend, go west" was a saying I remember as a child. Well west is whereI have gone this week - first Rotan and then Hamlin - both in Texas.

I just love small towns. Their warmth and friendliness just can't be duplicated. And Rotan filled the bill and more! A town that is shrinking like all small towns, it has a wonderful "drag" that runs three blocks long with a walk-in theatre still standing.

The teachers I met at the First Methodist Church were amazing. Dedicated, enthusiastic, and fun, I could tell they would be blast in the classroom not to mention authentic mentors to the students. God's light surely shined on their faces that day.

We had a wonderful time sharing about the importance of passing on our faith to the next generation. Each woman reflected a unigue personality, and I could tell that their legacies would be as unigue as their stories and names. Aurora, otherwise known as Granny Mop, shared a poem about a grandmother getting lost in the computer. Of courcse I totally identified with this! Mary Ann sang a song that she wrote for her two grandsons, a wonderful legacy of love for them to remember her by. Glenetta shared that she had been on three mission trips, a love that is close to my heart, and that she has written part of her memoirs. The experience had been so fullfilling and healing that she gave them to her children in hopes that they would be able to fill in some blanks in their owm history. What a great gift!

I suspected that we had some "closet writers" among us, although they wouldn't confess it publicly. But I could tell by the twinkle in their eyes, especially Brenda and Linda. I believe that part of my purpose in speaking to groups is to encourage writers to get out there and write. I hope that some seeds were planted!

All in all it was a great day - a divine encounter for me. I am so blessed on my journey to meet such amazing women with such unique personalities and creative spirits. God truly knows each of us intimately. He created us each with unique gifts and talents to build up his kingdom. And he knows the plans he has for each of us. I pray that I will be able to keep up with some of these ladies and their stories.

I don't think they are done yet!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Park Cities Book Club - November 13, 2008

Today I spoke at the Park Cities Book CLub. The Club was started in 1928 and continues till today. Many of the members had grandmothers and great grandmothers in the club. Meeting in homes on a monthly basis their interests range from fiction to non-fiction to inspirational.

I met one woman who shared how she passes on her memories to the next generation. She is a scrapbooker and makes a special scrapbook for each of her grandchildren. She says they can't wait until its their turn.

I also visited with Beverly who had just returned from Georgia where she visited some of her ancestral heritage. She told the history of her great-great grandmother during and after the civil war. Apparently this woman was sharp as a tack. She opened a woman's college and donated her life savings to helping underpriveleged children get an education. I never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity of women and their perseverence and faith. Part of my talk earlier had been about being the "power of one" in the world and making a difference. Here was one woman who took the bull by the horns and made a major difference in hundreds of lives.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera again. I guess I will have to tie it to my body so I won't forget it in the future. I carry these wonderful memories and ladies in my heart, but it makes me so mad I don't have them in picture form for posterity. Perhaps I need to eat more protein - doesn't that help strengthen the memory bank?

First Methodist Church Circle - November 11, 2008

Today was a first for me.

I spoke at the First Methodist Church Circle Group in the home of my friend Mary Ann Anthony. A cool, crisp fall day, her beautiful home was the perfect setting for this large group of women. So many beautiful women and friends from the past. I can't believe I keep forgetting to bring my camera. There would be so many great pictures.

Mary Ann's house is warm and open. You enter into the living room on your right, dinning room on the left. The stairs are in front with a den behind them. There were so many people this day that they had to sit all the rooms. I stood on the landing of the stairs to do my talk.

I felt like I was speaking from the pulpit at Notre Dame Cathedral. A preacher I am not, but did touch on some spiritual themes and ideas. My favorite being the importance of passing on our faith and a spiritual legacy to the next generationg. Lots of thoughts to ponder. I was high above everyone else and had to keep turning in three directions to see everyone. Now I know how a presidential candidate. It was great fun - I felt like a real orator!

PEO Granbury October 8,2008

What a great day and what a precious town.

Today I was blessed to speak to a group of PEO women in the middle of historic Granbury. If you've never been to Granbury you should treat yourself. In the hills of Texas west of Fort Worth it is surrounded by Lake Granbury, which weaves itself in and out of bayous and bays. Almost every home either is lake front or has a lake view. Totally restored the town is filled with antigue and gift shops that delight the pocket book and restaurants that delight the senses.

This day was no different. Susie my hostess was cute as a bug as she met me in the middle of the town square. A transplant from Lubbock she has adapted to her new home with great enthusiasm. She informs me that most of her friends are transplants, retirees who are active and vital, but long for a small town atmosphere. Grandbury fit the bill and more.

I loved speaking to the group. They were delightful and enthusiastic. I never fail to be amazed as I come away from speaking to a group. The grandmothers in this country are truly amazing - golfers, antiguers, great cooks, business owners - women full of life and love, eager to give back tenfold.

Thank you Granbury - I loved your town. I'll be back!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good Morning Texas - September 23, 2008

What an experience!

I was interviewed this morning on "Good Morning Texas". "No this was not "Good Morning America" with Diane Sawyer, but it was the next best thing.) My host was Paige McCoy Smith a most delighful young woman. Wife, mother of two sons, she is not only beautiful on the outside but is beautiful on the inside as well. Good at what she does, she made the entire experience easy and comfortable. And she even made me sound intelligent! (Alright, I wasn't too pleased with how I looked, but there's nothing she could do about that! I believe it's called aging!)

The journey stated at 7;00 in the morning, actually it started the night before because I think I didn't get a wink of sleep, when I donned battle gear to fight the I30 traffic to Dallas. Arriving in plenty of time, I found my way to the studio to be greeted by the manager who let me in. Time for coffee and a pre-show interview ensued.

Did I mention that this was a live interview! Whoa! Enough to put a sane person on edge, I would say. Cleary Paige had read the book for she asked probing, intelligent questions. She made it so easy - we just sat and had a conversation. She was prepared, enthusiastic, professional, and put me at ease! Actually everyone at WFAA was delighful - very personable, friendly, and easy to talk to. All the hosts came into the "green" room, though it wasn't green it was really gray, and visited with us which did a lot to calm our nerves and keep us focused. Today she is interviewing my good friends Lenda and Betty about the First Grandmother's Club. I can't wait to see them.

You can see the interview if you go to It's dated 9-23, has a mis-title, something about empty nesters, but there is a picture of me and the four grandkids. (We are all so small you can't really see us, but you'll figure it out. I wish I could say a star was born, but I'm afraid the star rose and then fell. This might be my only claim to fame, so don't miss it!

Guest Speaker - PEO Chapter - Sept. 18,, 2008

What a great group of ladies!

Recently I was asked to speak at a gather of about 40 women in the home of my friend Suzanne. She is a member of a local PEO chapter which I am just learning about. The PEO's are a national group that raises money for college scholarships for women, a most worthy cause, and a more dedicated group of ladies can't be found.

I was privileged to speak to them about my journey,the book, and the importance of leaving a spiritual legacy. After the meeting Doris shared with me that her mother started a journal in 1949 and faithfully wrote in it until the day she died in 1989. She says it is the most amazing thing to read. "I love that she left this piece of herself for the generations," she says. "When I read it, I feel like my mom is right here beside me and we are having a visit. I have learned so much about her from reading the journals. Everyone should do it!"

What a powerful testimony about the importance of leaving a bit of ourselves for the next generation. You never know where that might lead. Perhaps your writings will open a window into a part of you that your kids and grandkids never really knew. Perhaps your insights and outlook on the world will impact their own world view. The ramifications could make a difference for generations. Now what legacy is better than that?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Los Angeles Visit

God is alive and well - even and especially in California!

I have just returned from Los Angeles where I flew out to Simi Valley to tape a segment on Grandmothers for Lifestyle Magazine which will air sometime in 2009. While there I was blessed to spend two days with my college roommate Gail and her husband. What a treat!

Gail and Burke live in a wonderful, bedroom community, accessible to many beautiful areas. I visited their church which is large, very beautiful, and sits on a hill. Its light shines over the mansions of Bellaire. Clearly by its position and presence, this church has not kept its light hidden but has put it on a lampstand, shining for all the world to see. Very active in missions, bible study, prayer groups, and outreach its presence confirmed for me that God is indeed raising up his people everywhere to spread the good news. I was especially touched by this beautiful window above and decided to adopt it as a symbol of my visit.

One day, Gail hosted a luncheon for me with some of her friends. What delightful women - active, accomplished, "savvy"grandmothers, who obviously love the Lord. I loved hearing about Jan's son who is a missionary in Kenya, as well as some of the projects the Church supports in its outreach. It warms my heart to see that God indeed calls his people forth to feed the hungry, heal the sick, pray for his people, be involved in church planning, as well as outreach in the community - everyone there was clearly a light in their own corner of the world. Each was shining brighly, blooming in the places she had been planted.

I was amazed at how much we had in common. Truly the scripture is true when it tells us that we are one in Christ. I loved hearing their grandchildren stories. They definitley outnumber me in scope and number. Beverly said that "eight was not enough" when she married her husband, so they had two more and now have ten. In addition seventeen grandchildren keep this household hopping. Audrey has eight and says holidays are wild. I would love to be a fly on the wall for both of these gatherings! I think there might be a book in there somewhere!

We spent a lot of time discussing the world, the church, and what god calls each of us to be about. I was struck by how clearly God weaves and blends the different parts of the body of Christ. Some of us were eyes, some ears, some mouths. Clearly he is creating a picture of love for all the world to see. I was blessed to have a small glimpse into this window of light. Even thought the California section has its own beauty and style, all parts of the window glorify him in their own unique ways. What a beautiful picture he is weaving. We are all blessed to be a part.

The Twig - Branching Out

This savvy grandmother is branching out and The Twig Bookstore is my first stop.

I was invited to do a book signing at the Twig Bookstore, one of the few independent books stores left in the country so I went. Such a warm, open, family place. It reminds me of Meg Ryan's "Around The Corner Bookstore" in the movie "You've Got Mail". Too bad there are not more of these independents around. We need to support them as they compete with megagiants in all areas of the country. The Twig's agenda includes book discussions and guest-authors in an atmosphere of "come by for a cup of coffee" - a great idea and great fun.

What a great group of ladies that came. Unbenownst to me, I was to give a talk and though I was un-prepared, we had a great time-savvy grandmothers all. The women were from varied groups. Some shared the same bookclub and others were members from the San Antonio Assistance League. These women do a yeoman's job of outfitting underprivileged children in the SASD. Not only do they get clothes and money for uniforms, but they each get a dictionary in their packs.

We had a lot of fun and shared some of our favorite grandmother stories. One lady shared that as a child her grandmother lived next door. They had a large family that shared the responsibilites of dishwashing. Whenever a grandchild didn't want to do the dishes they went next door and got their grandmother, who willingly and unselfishly did their turn. She claims Mom never knew. Now that is one "savvy" grandmother!

Dinah shared that her four-year-old grandson loves to go to the grocery store with her and especially likes to ride in the red cart. He says he never gets to with Mom so he and "Grahams" race through the store laughing and singing and having a ball. Now isn't that just like a grandmother!

In addition we had two drive-bys during the discussion time. My good friend Rob, my son's godfather, dropped in on his way to work to give me a hug. Undaunted by the room full of women, he gave hugs to all who asked. Jean, my friend Joanie's sister also stopped by. Joanie lives in Wisconsin and I haven't seen her in thirty years. I sent her a copy of the book and shse has become my best PR agent yet! I had never met her sister but knew her immediately. I could see Joanie in her face.

All in all it was a great time. This was a great branching out for me - and the Twig was a great place to start. Thanks Dinah and Maggie for such a great opportunity and fun time!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lake City, Colorado Booksigning 8-4-08

What a perfect setting for a booksigning. Lake City is perhaps the most beautiful place on earth. I think that God secretly lives and runs his kingdom from here. It's majesty is not to be equaled.

My family spends time here ever summer. We are into hiking, fishing, biking, rafting, cooking-out and games, so it is the perfect place for our family to gather.

What a great place for a booksigning. Linda, the owner of the Back Country Navigator held the signing for me on a beautiful, sunny day. Right by the town park, a block from the home-made ice cream soda fountain, I couldn't have had a better location. All was well with my soul.

My friend Betty talked it up. Placing posters all over town and bringing home-made cookies to boot, she pretty much promoted the signing to everyone she knew. We had a great turnout and I really enjoyed myself. So many friends came and bought books to give to friends. That is always the biggest compliment, I think, when someone buys the book to give to others. I am blessed.

My grand kids came in, but I think most of them were more interested in the toys hidden in the corner of the store than they were in the booksigning. The cookies were a big hit and they did gather around me while they munched. It was a great day and a great way to end the summer. All will start up again in the fall. Hopefully I am more grounded and more on top of things as I prepare for fall. I am praying to be a strong witness for Christ. I thank God for the opportunities he has laid before me.

Over and out till fall!

Rule Booksigning 6-20-08

Jim is from a small town in West Texas - Rule - 60 mikes north of Abilene. Growing up it was a town of 1500 people. Now it has shrunk to about 350. A nicer group of people cannot be found. Salt of the earth, grounded, family-oriented, these people of faith work hard, till the land, and live to the best of their ability.

Jim's mom's friends own an antique shop there and offered to have a booksigning. Coupling it with the squash cook-off was a brainstorm that is more than worth mentioning.

Early on I could see that I was second fiddle to the cookoff. Over 50 entries the categories ranged from appetizers to deserts, vegetables to casseroles. And everyone was different.

I had a blast. Here I am with Molly, one of Jim's best friends and classmates. Jim's mom would have loved it. Jim, of course knew everyone and had many memories to share. I just enjoyed seeing a part of the town I had not witnessed before. I confess, it was my first squash cook-off ever! I had decided not to enter my squash casserole in fear I might win and steal the show. No problem there - next to these recipes my casserole didn't have a chance! Sometimes God protects us in spite of ourselves. As we all know, "pride cometh before a fall"!

Barnes and Noble Booksigning - 4-9-08

What a trip! My first bookstore booksigning! Am I blessed or what to have family, friends and loyal supporters come by to give me a hand!

The Spirit of the Lord was everywhere. Wouldn't Barnes and Noble be surprised! Mark the communications manager couldn't have been nicer though I think he was a bit baffled by all the joy. So many God-conversations and God-wink moments. And he was in the middle of it. I would love to know what he thought about it all.

Friends who had seen the poster in the window stopped by, friends who didn't even know I had written a book popped in. Two women came who thought I was going to do a talk. I tried to visit with them and give them a "short version" of my testimony, but it was pretty chaotic. Mission trips seemed to be the theme of this signing. Everyone that stopped by the table had a story. My good friends Glen and Debbie were great instigators of "faith talk". Leah, Lollie, and Pat, friends of Malawi and sisters in mission were in town and stopped by as a surprise. We had a wonderful conversation as we shared what God has been doing in Malawi and ways he is connecting his people. The Lord was faithful and present as there was much joy and outpouring of the Spirit.

Park Hill Booksigning 5-4-08/ Speeches and Talks

I can tell I am getting tired now. I have forgotten my camera again.

My good friend Jean owns a fabulous gift shop, Park Hill Gift Gallery, in Fort Worth. She high-lighted me in her mother's day sale and generously allowed me to do a book signing. I am amazed at the creativity of my friends and her generosity and friendship moves my spirit. It is a different feeling to have a signing in a store verus a home. Here you are at the mercy of the shoppers and/or sightseers. As selling does not come easy to me. I can see that I have a lot to learn. God is, indeed, stretching me in ways I had not imagined. Everyone was so nice and helpful though. Hopefully in time I will gain in self-confidence and experience.

In addition to the signings I have also been doing a lot of public speaking: rotary clubs, women's clubs, church groups etc, though I have not catalogued them on this blog. Too many to mention, but wonderful opportunities all. I am most grateful to those, like Jean, who have taken a chance on an unknown author to give me a platform. I am becoming more and more aware that I have not yet found my voice - my real message, but I am seeing it is getting closer on the horizon. Perhaps I will have time over the summer to pray and rest, to determine what I think the Lord would have me be about as I go forth proclaiming his glory. I can tell I need boldness and prayer covering. What a journey!

San Antonio Booksigning - May 3, 2008

Another great time! I continue to be amazed at God's faithfullness!

Again I met a wonderful group of women! Each signing has its own flavor and personality. But they all have much in common: dynamic women who gather to celebrate aging and life, coming together to share their stories.

Of course all is not perfect. Many of these women have survived tragedies and sadness, illness and death. Yet their enthusiasm for life cannot be quenched. Their faith has brought them through the trials of life, and they are a testament to God's goodness. I was blessed to have a God-moment with a woman who had just had to put her father in a nursing home. She was filled with sadness. Having just been through three years before with Jim's parents, I was able to share some of my experience, and how God is faithful and uses this time and us to help them on their journey home. We are blessed to have this opportunity. Hopefully she can glean some ideas for her own walk. God is amazing - another God-moment or God-wink in a sea of celebration. God is good!

Austin Booksignings - April 28 - 29, 2008

I have had two wonderful booksignings in Austin. back to back. I don't know what's happened to me. My brain must be addled, but somehow I misplaced my camera and did not record the two events on film! All I have are pictures of the tables. What was I thinking?

The first was at my friend Cathie's ( see photo on right). I tell you the truth. The grandmothers I am meeting are so amazing - accomplishsed, enthusiastic, bearers of light! So many accomplished women, so many gifts and talents! God is, indeed, on the move!

I met a number of real estate women who are dynamos in their field. Not only do they sell land to potential buyers, but they go on mission trips to foreign lands and bring the gospel and to hungry hearts and the kingdom to potential residents. Alive, active, and on fire, these women are "Generation G" personified. I can assure you that "Generation G" is alive and well - and thriving! Out there spreading the gospel in every corner of the earth.

The second was given by Holly, my sweet daughter-in-law. A greater hostess you will never find. Her house was immaculate, and with three children that is no easy task, and her food, fabulous. Again no pictures of the people, but the young mothers there were also amazing. Such energy and involvement. Was I this energetic at that age? Probably so, but it makes me tired thinking about it!

While there I had an amazing God-encounter. As a few of us sat together, Abbey shared that her husband had just been diagnosed with cancer and they were leaving for M.D.Anderson that week. What an amazing women. Her faith and courage put me to shame. I immediately put her on my prayer list and shared her story with my prayer group. We have kept in touch and her story is truly amazing. I am continuing to pray for his complete healing, giving thanks for the ways that God has taken to undergird and cover this family with prayer and a believing community. God is indeed in the business of working miracles as can be attested by their story.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Houston II Booksigning 4-10-08

This morning my scripture reading was Colossians1:25 "I have become (the church's) servant by the commission given me, to present to you the word of God in its fullness - the mystery that has been kept hiddent for ages."

How fitting that I was invited to attend the bible study of my hostesses, Jo Frances, Penny, and Gaile before the booksigning began.

What a blessing. Thirty plus women gathered together in prayer, worship, and study in order to learn more about and draw nearer to the Lord. I am reminded that groups like this gather weekly all around the world to give honor and glory to the Father by studying his word. I loved that I was joined in the spirit to these wonderful ladies through the word of God. What a joy to gather and share our journeys together as we take this walk.

The booksigning was a blast. Once again, so many faces from the past. My friends Nancy and Micki from college were the money changers, and once again kept me in line and in order! Nancy is a great photographer and shared that her photograph is on the cover of Houston Magazine. I can't wait to check it out - a god-wink moment. I had many God-wink moments that day. A god-wink is a phrase taught me by my dental hygenist, Sharon. She says a god-wink is when something happens in our lives that we know is not a coincedence but which has the hand print of God on it. Once such incident involved Sally who came to get a book for her co-mother-in-law. She loved the book having received it from our co-good friend, Tonie, in Fort Worth, and I didn't even know they knew each other. The world is indeed flat.

A special joy was to see and share memories with my friends from medical school, Penny, Gaile, Jo, and Betty in Galveston. We had a lot of laughs remembering some of our antics, the joys and sorrows that we shared. I also was reunited with the Vermont Cyclists, friends I met on a bicycle trip through Vermont in the mid 1980's. A reminder that the world might be flat, but the bike trip was not.

I am so blessed. I can't believe that God is allowing me to relive and rekindle so much of my past, blending it into the fabric of my today. I feel like I am living "this is your life" every day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Houston Booksigning 4-8-08

The Bluebirds-best friends since elementary school!

Some of he bluebirds hosted a booksigning for me in Houston at the beautiful home of my friend Nona. What an honor and treat for me! It was the best of the best. Nona and Lana on the left next to me hosted the party. Lucy and Megan on the right just came down for the ride. We had a blast! So many memories, so much history. God has woven our lives together lo these 50 plus years - we are blessed indeed!

We go way back. Lucy was my first friend when I moved to Fort Worth when I was five. Nona and Megan were in my class from 1st -6th grades. I met Lana on the football field in the sixth grade and we became instant friends. God is amazing in that he has given me such special, loyal, and faithful friends with whom I share my life.

The booksigning was a great reunion for me. From elementary school friends to high school and college friends, my groups stood in the same room, inner-mixed and inner-mingled. Seeing them together brought joy to my heart. It is a really wierd feeling when people show up in a gathering "out of context" and in a different setting. It made me realize how deep and how wide, how long and how vast my relationships go. They cross so many lines and intersect at so many different times in my life. I find with each new encounter, we are continually deepening and growing in friendship. The saying "people come in and out of your life for a reason," truly makes sense when viewed from a microcosm of years.

Many others too numerous to name were there. Some of the highlights: my high school big sister and sorority big sister were both there and posed together in a picture. My good friend Karen who lived across the street from me in Dallas and our friend, Vicki, who had just moved from Fort Worth to Houston posed togethr. Jane, Nona's mother, was there looking better than ever. We had many laughs about her childhood memories of all of us. I loved that I could tease her about putting me under the hairdryer at her house any time I perspired or got too hot! What a great lady and great sense of humor. Her presence symbolizes that sense of continuity and generativity, the passing on of the generations. What a great gift.

The bluebirds spent three days together, shopping, eating, sight seeing, and laughing a lot! Who could ask for more? The book was just a good excuse to join once more together to share our lives and experiences! I am blessed indeed.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rockport Booksigning - April 4, 2008

What a fun time!

Here I am with the Rockport girls. Caro and Barbara, the hostesses are on the left! The rest came down from San Antonio to come to the booksigning and celebrate their birthdays! What a great combination.

It was such fun wto meet the ladies of Rockport. I met one lady, Jane, who commented on my clothes. It seems she is a sales representative in the Rockport district! Small world.

A real treat was the appearance of my godmother Jane, my mom's best friend since high school. I haven't seen her in years. I was so touched that she made the effort to come. And I got to meet her grand daughter who had brought Jane's great grandson to visit. What a treat!

I am always amazed at the ladies I meet. The Rockport ladies were a barrel of fun! Women full of life, a real spiritual presence in that place. The next day we met Kathryn Childers who wrote a book called "Snow" about the 2004 Christmas snow miracle. She describes that day as a grandmother takes pride in and shares about her grandchildren. She blessed us with a book. It is my grandson Strother's favorite book. Every night he says to me, Marme, Snow... want snow." We have had a wonderful time talking about the many things one finds in the snow.

We spent the rest of the weekend with our friends from San Antonio who went to college with Jim and I. What fun walking down memory lane. But we also caught up on our lives. They have been so entertwined with our own. Caro is a cousin and a friend of the heart. Marian lived down the street from us in Dallas and we had so much to share. Sue is a fellow author, and Barbara now lives in Fort Worth where we share our children and grandchildren. I am amazed at how close we do indeed live to six degrees of separation. Everything seems to come full circle.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dallas Book Signing - March 2008

Whew - I am on a merry-go-round and can't get off. I rush from one signing to the next. What fun but sometimes my head just spins thinking of how my quiet, one-a-day life has turned into such a hectic schedule.

Dallas was really fun. This signing was a physical reminder of the many areas of my life, the many stages that we all go through on the journey to grandmotherhood. A mixing of the eras was a wonderul remembrance for me. I am so glad that I have pictures to remind me of so many precious friends.

When I look back at the pictures I am amazed. In addition to cousins on two sides of my family, there were friends from college days, resident wives when we lived in Dallas, friends from Fort Worth and Lake City, and travel buddies. It is really funny to see them standing together in the pictures - they are not according to season. More than once I have had to blink twice to get oriented.

Nancy, my cousin, was so sweet to have this. This is the first party she has had since she broke her hip and moved into her new house. The house was perfect - great flow, and she outdid herself with the refreshments.

I am blessed beyond measure to have such loving, faithful friends and family.

Blythe's Booksigning - March 2008

My sweet daughter-in-law, Blythe, had a wonderful booksigning for me at her friend Anne's house. I am sad to say I have no pictures but it was a lot of fun, and I have great memories.

I especially liked being with so many cute young people! They are so full of life and energy. It takes me back to when I was their age - new babies and all. They are all having so much fun. I am blessed to be surrounded by so many conscientious, fun-loving women.

I especially missed my neigbor Mary who had just moved to New Jersey. She put in a request for 10 books which I cheerfully signed, thinking of her cute girls and the laughter I miss that wafted over the fence on a nightly basis.

Many of the young moms brought their moms to the signing. It was fun to share stories with other grandmothers. It was especially fun to meet the mothers of Blythe's friends. I met Susan, a precious woman who had just moved here from Chicago. She was excited to be in Texas and thrilled about my book. She was kind enough to give me some contacts in Chicago. We'll see where that goes.

Each signing is an adventure. I wish I could wrap them up and keep them in a box on the shelf to pull out to review whenever I like!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wichita Falls Booksigning - March 2008

I am discovering that each booksigning has a theme or message. Many of my conversations and the people I meet have something in common. I know that God is speaking to me, I'm just trying to figure it all out.

This week my sweet friend Lynn had a book signing for me in Wichita Falls. The weather was horrible - a cold front dropped the temperature 40 degrees in about an hour! In addition, she was unable to be there due to a family emergency. But that didn't daunt the few that came. The signing was small but significant.

It seemed that many of the women I met were writers who had stories to tell. It is appearing to me that God is raising up an army of women to tell their stories. I am amazed at how many testimonies and ideas for books are floating around. I met Marjorie who has published two children's books and is writing a devotional. We connected immediately and could hardly stop talking. Jane owned the gallery where the event was held. What a talented lady - God has given her an eye and a flair for color and pizazz. She also is a writer and I suspect we will be hearing from her in the near future. I feel like I am making soul connections everywhere I go.

I did have an interesting thing happen on the way up. The week before I had missed my turn on the way to Amarillo because I was on my cell phone. God was speaking to me but I guess I didn't hear so I got to do it again the next week. I did the same thing on the way to WF. But this time I went an hour out of my way! What I had planned as a leisurely drive arriving with time to spare turned into a race to get there five minutes before the event.

God's message was loud and clear. Beware. If you are not paying attention on this journey you will miss your turn and get off the path. Pay attention. If you don't consult the map you will get lost. I'm not sure what this is about, but I have a feeling I am going to find out in the future. Isn't God sweet to let me see in the natural that which I am doing or not doing in the spiritual.

Who knows if I am listening or not. I guess the future will tell!

Amarillo Booksigning - March 2008

God is amazing!

My friends Mary Nell and Barbara gave me my first out of town booksigning. I didn't know what to expect and I was really nervous. It's amazing how God works!

Mary Nell was a sorority sister of mine in college and her husband a fraternity brother of Jim's. We have stayed friends forever - traveling together, attending reunions, weddings, and even funerals together. There is nothing like old friends with whom you have shared so much. Not only do we share memories, but we share the love of the Lord. Mary Nell's faith has been such an inspiration to me. It is really comforting when we can share at the heart level after all these year.

What a great time. I was surprised by a sorority sister that I had not seen since 1965! She looked wonderful - it was like we had never been apart! I loved all their friends. Such authentic, down-to-earth people. I had some really intimate conversations with people. I have found that sometimes women want to talk with me about their joys as well as their sorrows. I don't think I have much to add, but often God steps in and we connect at a wonderful level.

I was inspired by Nancy who told me she had not known her grandparents. They had died before she was born. She had always felt like she had had no mentors. She found it very encouraging to hear how other grandmothers feel and to find that she is right on track in her desire to share her faith with her grandchildren. I realized that there are a lot of Nancy's out there and have incorporated her story when I give a talk.

Thank you Nancy!

Four Star - March 17, 2008

Am I blessed or what?

My good friends with whom I have been having coffee once a week for fifteen years are giving me a booksigning. How cool is that? They are all amazing women, great hostesses, and fantastic cooks. We have invited a huge crowd! What an honor to share this moment with good friends. I am so lucky.

You can imagine my surprise when my editor showed up at the signing. I couldn't believe that she was standing there meeting my husband, my mother, my daughter-in-law, and my friends. What a moment!!!

First Grandmother's Club Booksigning - March 11, 2008

Here I am. D-Day or Release Date for the book.

My friends at the First Grandmother's Club are having a booksigning for me. They are really the inspiration for the book. When my friend Lenda started the club, I discovered that I was not alone in my joy. As we shared stories and searched for ways to make a difference in not only our own families but in the lives of the less-fortunate, it became clear that grandmother power, meaning grandmothers of the 21sts century are a new kind of breed. Hip, savvy, sophisticated, and seasoned, we have a lot to offer.

I consider the friends I have in this club and the clarity it brought to my mind, a gift from God. When I was ready to write the book, I tapped into this font of wisdom and realized that we had a lot to say.

Kudos to my friend Lenda for her inspirationn and leadership in the formation of the club. Check it out at My prayer and belief is that it will become a movement of like-minded grandmothers wanting to make a difference.

Generation G

I can't believe it. I am a published author with a book on the bookshelves! Who would have believed it!

Ever since my book came out I have been on cloud nine. It is all so miraculous to me, so unbelievable, that I sometimes have to pinch myself to know that it's real. The journey of writing the book was amazing, but even more so is the journey that I've been on since it has been published. I have been stretched way beyond my comfort zone and what I've learned about walking with the Lord is a book in itself. I have met so many wonderful people and heard so many amazing stories that if I ever had doubts that God existed, I surely don't now. This book has opened up doors and friendships for me that I could never have imagined.

I have decided that I need to chronicle the highlights. God has been so faithful, beyond my wildest imaginations, to use the book as a bridge and conversation piece, an open door to sharing on a deep level. I want to share this journey and his story. Above all I desire to give him honor and glory for how he has touched my life and other lives that I don't even know. The Lord is in the business of healing and reconciliation, and as I hear women's stories, I am convinced that he is always drawing us near, always holding us close. He's as close as the nose on our face, we just have to reach out and touch him and he will respond. As I listen with my two ears and one heart I am truly blessed to have people share these blessings as they come to fruition.

I am blessed beyond measure.