Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rotan Teacher's Union - November 17, 2008

"Go west, my friend, go west" was a saying I remember as a child. Well west is whereI have gone this week - first Rotan and then Hamlin - both in Texas.

I just love small towns. Their warmth and friendliness just can't be duplicated. And Rotan filled the bill and more! A town that is shrinking like all small towns, it has a wonderful "drag" that runs three blocks long with a walk-in theatre still standing.

The teachers I met at the First Methodist Church were amazing. Dedicated, enthusiastic, and fun, I could tell they would be blast in the classroom not to mention authentic mentors to the students. God's light surely shined on their faces that day.

We had a wonderful time sharing about the importance of passing on our faith to the next generation. Each woman reflected a unigue personality, and I could tell that their legacies would be as unigue as their stories and names. Aurora, otherwise known as Granny Mop, shared a poem about a grandmother getting lost in the computer. Of courcse I totally identified with this! Mary Ann sang a song that she wrote for her two grandsons, a wonderful legacy of love for them to remember her by. Glenetta shared that she had been on three mission trips, a love that is close to my heart, and that she has written part of her memoirs. The experience had been so fullfilling and healing that she gave them to her children in hopes that they would be able to fill in some blanks in their owm history. What a great gift!

I suspected that we had some "closet writers" among us, although they wouldn't confess it publicly. But I could tell by the twinkle in their eyes, especially Brenda and Linda. I believe that part of my purpose in speaking to groups is to encourage writers to get out there and write. I hope that some seeds were planted!

All in all it was a great day - a divine encounter for me. I am so blessed on my journey to meet such amazing women with such unique personalities and creative spirits. God truly knows each of us intimately. He created us each with unique gifts and talents to build up his kingdom. And he knows the plans he has for each of us. I pray that I will be able to keep up with some of these ladies and their stories.

I don't think they are done yet!

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